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Was it Adulatory or an act of Cuckoldry?

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Was it Adulatory or an act of Cuckoldry?1.) Sandra's Story.To people who know us, they will testify we are a loving couple, based solely on the fact we just appear compatible and happy to their faces. We never openly argue or even seem to disagree, "Like two peas in a pod", someone once remarked, and yet like most well established couples, we have our secret and yes, like most, it's sex, I want it all the time, and my husband can't keep up with my demands and urges.Something happened to me, a spark or something, and it started one night at his company official annual dance. His work colleague, a man I had never met asked me to dance, late on in the evening, when everybody had had too much to drink.As we danced I could feel his grip on my tightening, and his body movements crushing close, he had an erection, and thrusting it into my crotch, each time we waltzed into a darkened part of the floor, I was afraid his amorous intentions would be seen, so I tried to excuse myself, but he had me and was not letting me go that easily.I looked for my husband, trying to catch his eye, but he was at the bar laughing and chatting with another woman, so I said to him I wanted to go.His response, was to spin us around and into the dark again and reached down to grab my ass cheeks, gripping tightly and really pulled me into him, "I have 8 inches of cock wanting to fuck your body", his words and hot breath rushed into my ear, as his fingers and gyrations, really ground against me, his erection was hitting the spot, and as I struggled meekly, so as not to draw attention, just seemed to make it worse, in the sense, my own body was wilting as the pleasure pressure of his naughtiness pressed against my pubic bone. Together, all of it added to and lessened my resistance, I was succumbing to his physical sexual advances and now when he whispered he knew I was wanting it, I was embarrassed he felt that in me and I broke free and went to my husband, without looking back.When my husband saw me, he saw nothing of distress, just a glass of bubbly, and as I sat I looked around and I have to say, frustratingly, could not see him again amongst the throng."Who was that man that asked me to dance", I asked my husband? "My boss", was his curt reply, "Why", he asked?"Oh nothing", I lied, I could feel and longing and a emptiness, there had been and excitement in that brief encounter, another man had so openly shown contempt for my husband and sexually assaulted me both verbally and physically, and I began to realise as I dwelt upon it, I wished I had danced just a little longer, "To hell with my false frontage and outraged modesty", I suddenly found myself alive and wanton, and watched as my husband was chatting to this woman, he appeared to be more interested in her, than my need for sexual pleasure.As we made small talk, I found her to be super friendly towards me, as if excusing herself for making inroads to my husband, he touches on my arm, her compliments of my looks and dress sense, suddenly I wanted to be free, left to roam and look for my own excitement, there was a devilment in me and whispered into m husband's ear, I was going and I would see him back in our room. I was leaving him with her and I felt dangerous, this was new territory for me, I have never been a jealous woman, nor never an adulteress, but just now, there was something alive in me I had never felt before, that man's words about wanting to fuck me, put his big cock inside me, so openly and brash, so cavemen like, and as I moved away from the table, and left my husband to this woman who must surely feel the same way as I did, I could feel the outline of my lingerie under my thin dress, a surge of sexual power surged through my body, I wanted to be used by a rough vulgar man, clubbed across my head and dragged into a room, stripped nude and ****d, "My god, nothing else would do".God it was all coming back to me, my heady school days and those first months of experimentation, your periods, ovulation and the horniness you felt when your egg was ripe for seeding, and our small gang of four girls, wanting their fannies to be fingered and see who came first.It was all giggles back then, but then there was the orgasms we got, they were worth the embarrassment we felt up against those walls with our pants at our ankles and the boys thrusting into us, and we chugged on their cocks, unless, as we all found out when we grouped to describe our experience with the boy we were with, some of the girls let them penetrated her and they were genuinely fucking.Even in later life,, when I was just started dating my husband, we went to a house rave party at his friends digs. It was a big house on the outskirts of the city, where we were studying, and it had six bedrooms, each room had two or three beds, his room he shared with the friend who was the main rent collector for the absent landlord, so he and my new boyfriend stayed gratis free, the price for sharing one small room.We had partied wildly that night and I had taken some d**gs and booze, so all I wanted to late on, was sleep, so he put me to bed, undressing me, all the way down to my intimate skin, it was too much for him, and he did likewise, and soon we were fucking each other with gay abandon, until I suddenly realised his room mate was there, watching us copulating."WTF Simeon", I protested at him seeing me at my most weakest, doing unspeakable things that only the most closest of people showed see a girl doing, but he just laughed and got up and stripped off to show me he too had a big cock and it was hard and needing attention, now for the first time ever in my life, I was in bed with two naked horny men, an what made it surreal, was everybody was cool about it, as we went back to fucking and I held Simeon's cock in my hand, and felt him cum all the way up my forearm, as my husband to be, came inside my pussy, leaving me unsatisfied and with two loads of cum, on and inside my feverish body.I slept soundly, and the surrealness of the situation happened in my head at first, as I slept, I was having sex again, only this time it was more relaxed and more satisfying, there was a fullness and rhythmic flowing that was like a synchronised fucking, that was enjoyable and unrushed.I was approaching my lost orgasm of earlier on, and I awoke to feel Simeon's cock delivering the fuck I craved, he was behind me, spooning me with his bid cock inside me moving like a well greased piston. I put my hand behind me and touched his thigh tenderly, to let him know what he was doing to me was fine by me.It was so pleasurable I did not want to break the rhythm so I let him cum inside me, which was dangerous as I was not on the pill back then, but it was too good to stop, my god, no wonder there are 7 billion souls today, you can put a lot of that down to brilliant fucking.My husband to be never found out what Simeon and I did in the wee sma hours of that morning, quite frankly, it was none of his fucking business, but until my periods came, Simeon and I were secretly on the verge, of announcing our impending engagement, if he had fertilised my egg that morning.It never happened, so we never did and the next time we met was at my wedding and he was my husband to be, "Best Man".We met alone at the bar over a drink, six years since our closest call, "It might have been us", he said in a hushed voice, and even then my pussy twinged with a longing for his long dick as we sat quietly facing each other."You are the best man", I said, reminding him of his duties, and with a wicked smile on my lips, I laid down the law, "I will expect you to carry out those duties to a tee"I wondered if he really knew what I was driving at.The next day the wedding went accordingly, everything was perfect, until the end of the day when guests retired for the night, and my new husband lay asleep in our bridal suite, fully clothed and out cold in the chair.It was 1am in the morning and I phoned Simeon to come to the bridal suite to help me get his friend into bed. Simeon arrived and took one look at his snoring friend and asked me if it worth our time doing it?That was when I reminded Simeon of my words from the day before, "Now I suggest you fulfil the grooms obligation on his brides wedding night", and as Simeon looked, I stood naked and then got into the bed, "Come Simeon, fuck me again like you did all those years ago", I was past caring, and I loved the unorthodoxy of it all, "What if he comes too and waked up", he asked?I showed him the bottle of sleeping pills I was hiding, "I don't think he will, besides, I need this tonight of all nights, after all, like you said yesterday, It might have been us getting married", and so, on my wedding night, the guy who gave me the best fuck I ever had, did it again and again, on my wedding night and in my marital bed, while my husband slept with the fairies.I felt a touch on my shoulder and it brought me back to reality, it was him, "You again", I asked, my voice more assertive and confident?"My room is down the hallway", he said, indicating with a nod of his head, and for the brief moment I hesitated, he took hold of my hand and pulled it down to the bulge in his pants, "Squeeze it and I will let you leave".He was being caveman like and I found myself getting angry at his dominance, "Go on do it", he repeated and I felt my hand opening and my fingers search the outline of his erection, "You'll let me go if I do", I barely whispered, as my throat tightened in unison with my fingers, and I squeezed it again, wanting to feel more of this monster in his pants.He had a dominant smile on his face, he knew something I was not aware off at that precise moment, he had let go of my wrist and hand, and I was squeezing him voluntarily, and much more, as I slipped my open palm under his crotch and felt his heavy balls.Moments later we were walking at pace to his room, myself slightly quicker than him. Inside we undressed, "My husband will be happy with that woman he is with", I said it because I did not want to feel guilty about wanting this man to fuck me, but even here I lost out."That woman is a lesbian, and it is you she wants, not your husband", he retorted, and as he got between my legs and eased himself inside, he continued, "I told her she can have you once I finished with you"."Is she your wife", I queried, he laughed, "No, she is my sister and will be here shortly", I heard him but was past listening, he was inside me and that old feeling returned, as I pulled my knees back and crossed my ankles over his back and started heaving and fucking.There was a whiff of perfume, and warm softness as I felt her sweet breath on my neck and her breasts against my back, I was the delicious piece meat in a sibling sandwich, cock in front and pussy behind, I never knew a woman could derive pleasure from another woman's ass, but by then I was past caring, I was lost in sexual bliss.So what do you experienced readers think about Sandra's infidelity, and new found sexuality? Put a small comment after the story and enlighten me.
04-06-2021, at 07:14 PM

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