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Taking It Up A Notch

Post #1

I noticed my Mom peeking at my cock as it languished barely underneath my baggy shorts. She'd been doing that a lot lately, and I wondered just how curious she was.Everyone was home. I couldn't do anything in the living room or kitchen, but I could follow her to the bathroom. That's what I decided to do. First, I made sure she got a good look at my trouser snake. In fact, it even had swelled to about three-quarter length right before her eyes. I noticed that she became a little flushed before heading to the bathroom.I followed shortly behind her. I opened the door quickly, closed and locked it behind me. Startled, her head quickly swiveled around as she stood in front of the sink. Her dress was hiked up in the front, panties around her ankles with her hand between her legs. Mom's face was a crimson color of embarrassment. We stared at each other.Putting my finger to my lips, I said, "Shhh, Mom, don't say a word. Just look."I slowly raised the leg of my shorts as my cock's head peeked out. A little higher and all of my manhood including my balls were showing. Her eyes were glued to the sight like Gorilla glue. She looked mesmerized by my size.I reached over and took her hand, placing it on my cock, which was getting hard at the same time. I didn't have to ask as her fingers gently wrapped around my hot stick."It's so much bigger than your Dad's," she murmured. Her fingers were lovingly stroking it as they ran over its surface like a blind person trying to remember its every detail."Take a closer look."My right hand lightly rested on her shoulder. She began to sink to her knees like the sun setting slowly, but irreversibly.Her eyes were absorbing every detail of my hard, now throbbing cock, the folds of my foreskin, my pulsating veins and flaring head."I know there's more you want," trying to read her mind. She just stared at it like the petrified prey of a snake.I moved closer, saying, "I know what you want." I let my cock touch her lips."It's okay. It'll be our secret. Really, it's okay." My cock's tip rested in the crease between her lips for what seemed like an eternity.As I looked down, it was a sight that I'll never forget my Mom on her knees with my cock touching her lips and then her tongue slithered out and over the tip. I saw it glisten with her oral wetness first once then a second more deliberate lick."You want more than that, don't you?"
05-25-2023, at 11:16 PM

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