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The Replacement Maid Ch.06.

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The Replacement Maid Ch.06.When I woke the next morning it was to find both jasmine and maria kneeling beside my bed watching me. I slowly rolled onto my back and levered myself into a sitting position as maria leapt up and poured out my ritual cup of tea, placing it almost reverently on the bedside cabinet before resuming her place. In silence I leant across and picked it up and began to slowly sip it while looking down at the two girls. I tried to read the expressions on their faces. There was a look on maria?s face that seemed to be one of nervousness with just a tinge of excitement whereas jasmine?s was harder to fathom. I thought I could sense just a slight hint of triumph which, if true, I would have to deal with. Little did she know that her workload was about to change. I suspected as much but was not aware of by how much. Eventually I put my empty cup down.?I?m pleased to see that you have both made an extra effort this morning. Our visitors are due at 11.00 and I?m assuming that the house is sparkling clean???Oh yes, Mistress, we both came in an hour early to make sure.??Then I am pleased with your keenness.?They both looked at me with smiles on their faces in response to my praise.?Stand up and come closer, maria.?Obediently she stood and came close to the bed. I gestured for her to lift her skirt and she did so with a look of pride. I leant forward and felt all around her pussy. Yesterday there had be very faint traces of stubble but today she was as smooth as she had ever been.?Good girl, maria, your new Mistress will be pleased with you,? I said as a look of sadness came over her, ?but don?t be sad my dear, this is a wonderful opportunity for you.?She nodded perhaps now accepting the situation. ?I?m sure it will be, Mistress.??Good, now run along both of you. Jasmine please prepare my bath and maria you may start preparing lunch for five people. Nothing elaborate but try and make it tasty and well-presented.?After a slow and leisurely bath I dressed carefully in a nicely tailored trouser suit and went down to make my own breakfast. Maria was busy chopping raw ingredients for a fresh salad and I could see a basket of newly picked edible flowers from the garden. After I had eaten I retired to my office to check the wording on the contract that I would ask Jane to sign. Just before 11.00 I heard the sound of tyres crunching on the gravel drive. I stood up and went into the hall where both my girls were already stood waiting. Before the ring of the doorbell I stepped over to them and tugged down the neckline of their uniforms and lifted their breasts free.?Like that to greet our guests I think. Remember she is to be addressed as ?Miss Jane?. Her stepdaughter you do not need to greet. Is that understood??They both nodded as the doorbell rang and I stepped back and faced the door before nodding to jasmine. She stepped forward and opened the door. To her credit Jane hardly registered the bare breasts of the two young girls in the maid?s uniforms but simply smiled at me and walked over and gave me the obligatory kiss on both cheeks. Behind her I saw a nervous looking girl lurking in the doorway. As she stepped into the hall her jaw dropped as she got a good look at both jasmine and maria. Jane, as I had expected, was dressed both elegantly and expensively in a lovely blue dress that came to the mid-thigh of her well-toned legs. I turned my attention to her stepdaughter. She stood just inside the front door her expression now changed to one of resentment. She wore a yellow blouse that had been tied at the tail showing off her midriff and a denim skirt that was so short it bordered on the obscene. She was also chewing gum in a defiant manner. I could tell immediately that there was a lot of work to be done in the future.?Let?s go into the lounge, Jane. The girls can wait outside for the moment. Would you care for coffee???Is it too early for something a little stronger??I turned to jasmine. ?Can you open a nice bottle of wine and bring two glasses to the lounge please.??Of course, Mistress, at once.?I took her arm in mine and walked into the lounge and sat her opposite me on the sofa. I passed her a copy of the contract I had prepared and, to her credit, she read it carefully. When jasmine appeared with two glasses of wine her attention wandered as she watch her place the two glasses on the low table between us.?I love the bare tits look, Christine, was that for our benefit???Normally I have them covered but for special occasions I do like to see my girls displaying all their charms.??And I love the uniforms. Will pippa be expected to wear one of those? She is so going to hate it.? And she giggled at the thought.?I?m sure jasmine will already have assessed her size and will have laid out a uniform for her already. It is one of her many talents.??That maria is a little cutie, just what I was looking for.??Whereas pippa ...? You allow her to go out dressed like that???There is little I can do to stop her that?s why I brought her to you. As you can see I really do need your help.??Shall we get them all in??I rang the small bell that was on the table and jasmine immediately appeared in the doorway.?Bring the others in now please, jasmine.?She turned and left and quickly returned with both maria and pippa following her. As she had been taught maria knelt on the floor but pippa stood defiantly on the spot jasmine had pointed to and glared in my direction. For a while I stared back at her until eventually she looked away. Slowly I stood up and went to a corner of the room and picked up a small waste bin before standing very close directly in front of her. She struggled to maintain eye-contact. I lifted the bin to just below her chin.?Get rid of the gum.?When she didn?t move I raised my voice. ?NOW!?In a desperate show of defiance she looked at me and deliberately chewed.?I won?t say it again. Spit it in the bin now!?When she failed to respond I slapped her hard across the cheek. Her look changed from one of resentment to one of pure shock and then slowly to one of anger.?You can?t .... Jane, tell her she?s not allowed ...?I turned to look at Jane who was grinning broadly. When I turned my attention back to pippa she was looking confused and a little frightened. I lifted the bin until it touched her chin then gave her another stinging slap.?In the bin ... Now!?This time there was an audible clang as the gum hit the bottom of the bin. And her eyes lowered to look at the floor.?Now kneel like maria.?Slowly she seemed to admit defeat and lowered herself onto her knees but something told me that this small victory for me was a very temporary one and that there would be more fights in the future. However I was sure of my own ability. I went back and sat opposite Jane who was smiling broadly and looking suitably impressed. I picked up a pen and handed it to her.?Time to sign I think.?She grabbed the pen and quickly scribbled her signature on the bottom of the contract and then handed both back to me. I added my name and then placed it aside. I turned to jasmine.?Have you managed to find a suitable uniform for our new maid, jasmine??I subtly emphasised the word ?maid? and pippa?s eyes flicked upwards and she glanced at me with a look of alarm.?Yes, Mistress, shall I fetch it? It?s just in the hall.?I nodded to her and she left, returning quickly with one of my standard uniforms over her arm. I had thought to keep this ?ceremony? for a more private moment later but I could tell from Jane?s eyes that she was as eager as we were. I looked at pippa kneeling nervously on the carpet.?Stand up girl,? I ordered her and was surprise at the speed with which she did so. ?Now, strip!?This time she was more hesitant and looked at her stepmother for support. When no help came she looked round her thinking of some way she might escape but jasmine had sensibly closed the door and was standing with her back against it smiling angelically.?Don?t hang about, girl, you need to be fitted with a uniform. When I tell you to do something, from now on you do it.?When she still hesitated I signalled to jasmine who stepped forward and laid the uniform on my desk and then walked in front of pippa. She reached out and started to undo the knot at the bottom of her blouse. When pippa stepped back jasmine took a cue from my earlier action and slapped her face, using the blouse to pull her back in. Then in one swift movement she ripped the blouse open. The buttons went flying and pippa gave off a small scream before trying to cover her small breasts with her arms.?I think jasmine might need some help maria.?Maria got to her feet and, knowing instinctively what to do, went behind pippa grabbing her arms and pulling them down to her side. Between the two of them they managed to strip the ruined blouse off pippa and jasmine threw it into a corner. Still with fight left in her pippa tried to struggle against maria?s hold but, although only slight, she had a powerful grip. While maria held her fast jasmine unzipped her skirt and let it fall around her feet and then tugged at her panties until they followed the skirt. She stepped aside to give Jane and me a clear view. Soon realising that her struggles were in vain especially now that jasmine had taken control of one arm while maria still clung to the other pippa slowly calmed down, resigning herself to the inevitable. Slowly I stood up and approached her until I stood very close, almost touching her.?Welcome to your new home,? I said, smiling. I reached out with both hands and grabbed a nipple in each and squeezed hard. She gave a sharp intake of breath and a slight squeal.?A little small but we will have to make do with what we have.?I lifted her up by her nipples until she stood on tiptoe and held her there for a few seconds before turning my attention elsewhere. Between her thighs was an unkempt thatch of dark hair matching the hair on her head. I took hold of a clump in one hand and pulled sharply. Again she squealed. ?My girls must be bare,? I told her, looking closely into her eyes as I tugged again. I glanced at jasmine, ?I?ll leave you to sort that out, jasmine.? She nodded in understanding. My fingers explored further and detected the first trace of moistness on her pussy lips. Not wanting to excite her too much I withdrew my hand and walked slowly round behind her. Her bottom was plump and very obviously had never been used by Jane for punishment. I wondered how she would take to a spanking and suddenly became quite eager to find out. I felt both cheeks and found they were a little soft and lacking any muscle tone. Something else that needed working on. I could see that both I and jasmine had much work to do. I stepped back and resumed my seat glancing at Jane who still sat there smiling broadly.?Now dress her, jasmine,? I ordered.Being careful that maria still had full control jasmine crouched down to take away the skirt and panties that still circled pippa?s ankles. A smack or two on the calf was enough to make the girl lift one leg and then the other releasing the two garments which were also thrown into the corner to join her blouse. She then stood and fetched the uniform she had earlier picked out. Another couple of smacks made pippa step inside and jasmine pulled it up her legs. One by one her arms were made to fit into the bodice. She hesitated slightly before being decisive and pulling the neckline down so that pippa?s small breasts were fully revealed. The little apron and cap completed the picture and jasmine and maria stepped away. Instinctively when she was released her hand went across her chest but jasmine quickly stepped forward and smacked her sharply on the leg and whispered in her ear, ?hands behind you, bitch.?I sat back and looked at her and her eyes briefly held mine before they flicked to the floor at her feet. I could see the tension in her shoulders and the clenching of her hands into tight fists that she was having a hard time coming to terms with her new circumstances.I leant over to Jane and asked, ?What do you think of your stepdaughter now???I think she looks lovely, Christine, I just wish I knew how you did it.??I think there is a way to go yet. She?ll need breaking in like a young filly. But now ... would you care for some lunch? I had maria prepare something earlier. Only a simple salad but I can tell you now she is capable of much more.??I?d love some, thank you.??Let?s go to the dining room then. It will give my new maid a chance to experience some service.?We both rose and I led Jane into the dining room where two places had already been set. We sat down and listened to the sound of activity coming from the kitchen. Then jasmine arrived bringing with her two plates which she laid before us closely followed by a very grumpy looking pippa carrying a tray with three bowls on it. She stopped just inside the doorway uncertain what to do next.?On the floor, girl, one either side of me and one next to Miss Jane.?Her eyes widened and eventually jasmine saved the moment by taking the bowls off the tray and laying them on the floor as I had instructed before taking the tray away and putting it on the sideboard. The ?simple salad? had turned out to be anything but simple as it was a feast for the eyes as well as for the taste buds. With the sprinkling of wild flower heads among the variety of green leaves it looked like a summer meadow. I suddenly felt a pang of regret that I was losing maria when she could conjure up something so magical. As she entered the room I turned to her, ?maria you have surpassed yourself. I have put your lunch next to Miss Jane as you belong to her now.? I turned to jasmine and pippa, ?You two on either side of me.?Suddenly pippa?s resentment boiled over. ?But ... I?m not ...? she spluttered barely able to get her words out.?Not what?? I asked, ?not hungry???I?m not eating off the floor,? she finally managed to blurt out.?Then do without and you can kneel in the corner so you don?t spoil our meal. And go to bed without any dinner as well. It?s eat or go hungry, a simple choice.?She looked across at her stepmother. ?Jane, you can?t allow this?? she pleaded.?Be quiet and do as you?re told for once. I?m fed up with your behaviour. You heard Mistress Christine, eat or don?t eat it?s up to you.?Her jaw dropped at Jane speaking to her like that and she looked around the room in despair. Luckily jasmine had yet to take her place and made a subtle move to block the doorway and any hope of escape. After a tense few moments she appeared to visibly wilt and dropped to her knees beside my chair. The mood of the room lifted once more as jasmine refilled our wine glasses before she came and knelt on the other side of me and Jane and I started to eat which acted as a signal to the girls that they could also start. I?m not sure what maria had done but the dressing on the salad took it to a whole new level and I ate slowly savouring every mouthful and I could see the look of surprise and pleasure come onto Jane?s face as she tried the first mouthful. Even pippa eventually deigned to try it and by the end of the short meal there were two clean plates and three clean bowls.?Wow, Christine, if this is typical of her dishes then you could have charged me twice as much for her.? She reached down and stroked maria?s hair.?It may well be worth giving her a day off each week to go on a cookery course. I?m sure it would benefit you both.??I will look into it ... and maria that was wonderful.??Shall we go back to the lounge and finish off our deal while the girls clear thing away??Together we stood up and walked from the room and into the lounge. On the way out I said to jasmine, ?Two coffees in the lounge please jasmine.?
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