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foot lovin story

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foot lovin storyIt?s time for me to slowly pull my new jogging socks on, over my oiled feet with bright red nail varnish. I love to feel sexy even when jogging. It?s really cold outside so I have just pulled up my sheer black pantyhose to keep my legs and feet really warm, plus, when I am jogging, the nylon rubs on my pussy and makes me really wet and my clit really hard. Bending over and lacing up my trainers, I can?t help but rub up and my legs to feel how sexy they feel, especially in my tight jogging shorts that only just covers the bottom of my arse, all covered in sheer nylon.The worse part of my run is the park that I have to run through, it?s so hard up the long hill towards the end that I like to sit down just for a few minutes to have a drink of water. Sometimes, when I?m feeling really horny, I like to hide behind the bushes and slide my shorts and pantyhose down and feel the fresh air on my pussy as I piss outside. It is soooo dirty, it gets me wet, and I can?t resist sliding a finger up and down my swollen pussy lips.This day is different, because there is someone sat at the bench where i normally stop. I can feel your eyes checking my legs and feet out as I run towards you, watching my tits bounce up and down in my tight sweaty vest. I can tell your a leg and foot man, by the way I can feel your stare! This makes me feel wicked. I don?t normally tease like this, but I decide to stretch out on the bench today, first one leg then the other. Massaging my nylon thighs then down to my calves. The noise of me stroking my nylon legs is driving you crazy. I can see and nice erection in your pants, and you almost look embarrassed and try hiding it. Time for a pee for me, so I slowly sneak into the bushes, feeling really dirty and horny, because I have just seen your erection in your pants, just from looking at my legs. I can see you from where I am squat, and slowly pull my pantyhose down, keeping eye contact with you as I start gushing over the grass, only today, I am also stroking my clit, thinking what it would be like to have your cock sliding into my mouth in the park, where we could get caught!I come back to the bench and and you ask if I?ve had a good run. My feet ache a bit today I reply, as I?ve done a few miles. All the time, I can feel your stare on my nylon covered legs and feet, with my cute little running socks on. It?s then you get the courage to tell me you are a trained masseuse. Do you want a foot rub you say, to help relax you. You make me feel nervous and excited, as you still have a really big hard on. Time to tease I think. OK, I reply, but you have to take my trainers off though, so I swing my feet into your lap and you slowly, and nervously undue my laces then they are off. I can see you twitching as you start to slowly massage my ankles, gently feeling the cold nylon against your hands as you move down to my feet, and work on my toes through my socks. This is sending shocks right into my pussy and we hold a stare. While looking you right in the eye, I slowly start to rub my toes around your hard cock. You jump as I start to feel the thickness of your big cock between my toes. Take my sock off I tell you, as I keep stroking your cock with my foot. Slowly you take one of my socks off and you visibly shake as you see my perfectly manicured toes in my sheer black pantyhose, and my other foot still inside my cute little running socks. You start to rub the top of my feet as I slowly rub my toes up and down your big hard cock. All the time you are trying to move your other hand further up my leg, so I slowly part them for you. You can see the dark line at the top of my pantyhose as it disappears under my shorts, right into my wet crotch. You are stating to breath harder now as I am really pumping your cock with my feet, and I slide my hand down and rub my crotch. I see someone walking towards us, so I stand up and ask you to follow me. You look a bit surprised, and also can?t believe your luck. I take hold of your hand and lead you to the bushes where I go. On the way, I reach behind me and stroke your bulging cock through your jeans as you slowly slide your hand over my arse.We get to the discreet privacy of the bushes, but we could also get caught anytime, which just adds to the sexual tension. You have no idea what to do as I just stand there and slide my shorts down with my arse facing you, covered in sheer black nylon. It?s time for me to act out my fantasy, and have a big thick hard cock sliding down my throat in the middle of the park. You look shocked as I just pull your zip down, get on my knees and pull your jeans down to your ankles. My face is just inches away from your hard cock, which is straining inside your boxers to be freed. Without using nay hands, I slide my tongue all over your bell end then slowly pull down your boxers. Naughty boy! your big hard cock is covered in pre cum and it springs right into my face. I put my hands around your waist and stroke your bum while I feed your cock into my wet hungry mouth. after only a few minutes, I can feel you want to come, but I don?t want to swallow your spunk just yet. I get you to lay down and run my feet all over your body, then up to your mouth where I make you worship my feet. You get even harder as you lick the soles of my feet and suck my toes into your mouth one by one. It?s getting late now and you so want to come. I just sit on your face, pressing my wet nylon covered crotch right into your mouth while I use both of my feet to wank you off. You can?t believe this and starting moaning and groaning right into my wet pussy. We haven?t even fucked and you just start coming all over my feet. I cant help but keep rubbing my spunk covered feet up and down your length, and you just keep on pumping more and more spunk, which soaks right into my pantyhose and my sock.I remove my other sock, covered in your hot spunk and throw it at your face. You just lay there, exhausted, as I put my trainers on, pull my shorts on and just run off, back on my way. You haven?t even fucked me yet, you don't have my number, and all you know is that I run through the park twice a week. What will happen next? Will you ever get me back to your place and fuck me all night, you really now we both want it. You watch me run off, staring at my arse, and all the time you are thinking, could I ever fuck her? and even more, could I ever fuck her the arse? then spunk all over her feet in her socks again?
04-07-2021, at 11:04 AM

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