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Boston Lez Contest PT3

Post #1

Boston Lez Contest PT3Ms. Portia JamesPortia was horny and excited. The idea of a 'turning contest', a term she had come up with, was super exciting. She knew it would be a challenge to win, Veronica and Jasmine both being amazing seductresses and Crystal couldn't be ignored either. Carol, on the other hand, was a submissive and not a real threat.Yet, Portia was casting for an upcoming movie starring Matt Damon when she got the update that Veronica had a turn already.A couple of the actresses Portia had met so far were hot as hell, but way too famous to try and turn. Odds were they had already munched a fair amount of cunt to get where they are. It was 2016 and munching pussy to get ahead was as common as sucking dick.That is why Portia never had a shortage of young up and coming starlets to crawl between her legs and eat her out. It was also why she thought this contest would be an easy victory and the idea of having her four best friends' daughters as her personal playthings was way too delicious not to play to win.So Portia was happy she had purposely kept the last casting call for a young model attempting to break into the movie business.Emily, Portia's secretary and regular pussy pleaser, brought the nineteen year old into her office.Portia smiled as she checked out her next prey: a beautiful tall brunette, with long legs encased in black nylons, wearing five inch heels, and a black dress that showed every curve... including her small perky breasts.Camelia was incredibly nervous. She had only been modeling for a year, in commercials, and this was her first movie audition. This could be her big break. Although commercials paid okay, she wanted to be a movie star.Portia stood up and greeted her politely, "Good afternoon, I'm Portia Bending.""Hi, I'm Camelia Carter," Camelia smiled back. Her real last name was Italian, D'Ambrosio, but she changed her last name to something simple and liked the idea of using alliteration which, to her, sounded sexier."Nice to meet you," Portia smiled, as she was already assessing her prey."You too," Camelia replied, immediately feeling comfortable with this woman."Please, take a seat," Portia instructed, offering her a seat across from her desk."Thank you," Camelia replied, thinking she would have worn something a little less sexy if she had known the casting agent was a female. She had already learned that showing skin and being flirty were crucial elements of getting gigs.After a few minutes of generic questions, Portia's cell buzzed and she gasped as she saw that Carol, the submissive in the group, already had a turn.Deciding they'd had enough generic chat, she needed to get a turn, Portia asked, "So why movies?"Camelia was surprised by the question, but answered, "It's always been my dream.""It's an ugly business," Portia warned."I understand," Camelia nodded. "But it is the final frontier.""You have to be willing to do anything to get ahead," Portia continued."I'm very determined," Camelia said, even though she was beginning to feel less confident as the older woman was clearly not impressed by her lack of experience."You understand this role has nudity, don't you?" Portia revealed, which wasn't true, but the young model didn't know that... and she knew the director well enough to convince him to add a nude scene if need be (he loved being pegged and Portia loved to peg him... she loved the role reversal and, quite frankly, loved having a cock. Sometimes she wondered how come she wasn't born a man)."Really?" Camelia asked, not sure she was willing to do that."It's a sex scene with Matt Damon," Portia lied, although that too could be arranged.On the other hand, Camelia may be ready for that. "Oh.""Every actress competing for this role must be comfortable with her body and being filmed nude," Portia continued, confident she was reeling her in."Um, okay," Camelia said, tentatively, hating the idea of her small breasts being revealed to the world. It was obvious she had small breasts, but at least push-up bras and a variety of outfits could make it look like she had more than she did.Portia continued, knowing she had to attack aggressively, and ordered, "Stand up."Camelia obeyed, even though she was wondering if she was getting in over her head."Take off your dress, Camelia," Portia instructed.Camelia hesitated as she wondered if this was what she wanted. The opportunity to be in a movie with Matt Damon was exciting; the idea of a love scene with Matt Damon was also exciting; yet, the idea of being nude now, nude in front of a movie crew and nude on the big screen was rather nerve-wracking.Portia saw the trepidation in the young woman's eyes. She had seen this look many times and almost always her next words were enough to push the young woman to undressing. "I don't mean to pressure you and I understand how nervous you must be, but I can't recommend you to the casting manager if you are not willing to undress.""It's just, I've never done this before," Camelia explained, still nervous and unsure.Portia stood up and walked over to her. Standing in front of the young woman she asked, really wanting to have this gorgeous girl buried between her legs, "Would it make you more comfortable if I undressed too?"This surprised Camelia. "What? Um, I don't know.""You must have been seen by many models naked?" Portia asked as she unbuttoned her own blouse not waiting for an answer."Yeah," Camelia nodded, thinking hundreds of women had seen her small tits before, as she watched the agent unbutton her blouse thinking this was very unorthodox."Well, this isn't any different," Portia explained. "It's just two women naked."Camelia considered this. It was true, she had no problem being naked in the change room with models or even in the gym shower with strangers. Yet, somehow she knew this was different. She said, unsure what to say or do next, as the casting agent's blouse was open, showing a black lace bra, "I suppose."Portia continued, taking her blouse off, "It's now or never, Camelia. I have seen a dozen women today. All of them would fit the role fine, but you, there is something about you that intrigues me.""There is?" Camelia asked, drawn into the older woman's words."Yes, you have that perfect mixture of innocent and sexy that the script requires," Portia flattered, although she wasn't lying. The young woman was so cute, so innocent and yet hot as hell and likely a complete submissive."I do?" Camelia asked, insecure and nervous."Yes, but I need to see your body to confirm my assessment," Portia said, as she unclasped her bra and revealed her big 34C tits which were large for her very thin frame.Camelia couldn't help but stare at the older woman's large breasts, which were more than double her own 32A breasts. She gasped in awe (no model she worked with had breasts even close to this big), as if staring into headlights, "Those are big!""Too big," Portia said, even though they had been one of the major reasons she got this job, among others... men loved big tits and Portia had no problems letting men see and play with them."I can't imagine," Camelia said, having wished hers were bigger her entire life."Let me see yours, my dear," Portia said softly.Camelia asked, no longer seeing any reason to not show hers too, "Can you unzip me?""Sure, my dear," Portia nodded, as the seduction continued. The young woman turned around and Portia slowly unzipped the black dress.Camelia turned back around and allowed the dress to slide off her even as anxiety coursed through her."Nice bra," Portia complimented as she took the initiative and reached around and unclasped it, allowing the young woman's small tits to be revealed.Camelia was surprised when the older woman leaned in and unclasped her bra as the woman's large tits briefly pressed against her.Portia took longer than necessary to unclasp the young woman's bra, wanting her big breasts to lean against the prey and also allow her hot breath to tease the bewildered young woman. When the bra was unclasped, she moved back, tossed the bra onto her desk, and said, "Those are perfect perky tits.""They are almost non-existent," Camelia sighed, looking down at her relatively flat chest."They are model breasts," Portia pointed out, before adding, "and you have some hard sexy nipples, which are perfect for the sex scene.""They get hard very easily," Camelia lied. Truth was she had no idea why her nipples were hard, but usually they only got hard when sucked on."Mine don't," Portia said. "They need to be sucked on."Camelia couldn't explain it, but hearing those words, a small part of her wanted to lean forward and suck on those big nipples.Camelia watched in strange awe as the older woman casually took off her skirt to reveal two surprises:The older woman was wearing a garter-belt and stockings, and she wasn't wearing any panties.Portia continued, looking down at the model's long legs encased in pantyhose and saying, as she pulled down her skirt, "For the record, pantyhose are out, my dear. It's either thigh highs or garter-belt and stockings."Camelia just said, "Oh," to the words of the older woman, still shocked that she was staring at a pussy... a hairy pussy. Every girl she worked with was completely shaved. It was actually the very first thing her agent insisted on before her first photo shoot.Portia acted as if it was no big deal that her pussy was in clear view as she moved around the young woman and said, "Shit, you have an amazingly tight ass.""Thanks," Camelia said, knowing she did indeed have an amazing ass.Portia moved her hands to the pantyhose clad ass and gave it a firm squeeze. "Shit, I wish my ass was this tight."Camelia's eyes went wide at the sudden feeling of hands on her ass as she was touched by the older woman.When the young woman didn't protest, as Portia was confident she wouldn't, she moved her hand around, slid it inside the young girl's silky pantyhose and to her panties in one quick strike.Camelia let out a surprised moan at both the shock of what was happening and the spark of pleasure that coursed through her at being touched so intimately.Portia purred, as she kissed the young model's neck, "Your pussy is wet, my dear."Camelia knew it was and didn't know why. Yet, she protested even though she didn't move, continuing to allow her pussy to be touched outside her damp panties, "Ma'am, please, this is wrong.""Your pussy disagrees with you," Portia pointed out, as her finger slid past the panties and moved directly to the wet pussy."Oooooh," Camelia moaned, as the finger parted her pussy lips, her head going light. She knew she should move away, take the finger out of her pussy, but she didn't... and she didn't know why."Just let go, my dear," Portia whispered, as she continued kissing the back of her prey's neck."Oh God," Camelia whimpered, the hot breath on her neck, mixed with the finger teasing her pussy making her a confused mess. She wasn't a lesbian and had refused more than a few advances by fellow models who almost all seemed to be either lesbians or at the very least bi. Yet, she hadn't ever been interested in other women before, but at this moment she was no longer sure that was still the case."You like that, my dear?" Portia asked, as she moved to the model's ear and tugged on it with her teeth."Ma'am, I, oh," Camelia whimpered, trying to regain control of the situation, even though she couldn't think straight. "Please, stop.""You sure?" Portia asked, as her finger slid slightly inside the young woman, as far as it could in her current awkward position."Ooooh, God," Camelia trembled, as her pussy was invaded."How bad do you want this part, Camelia?" Portia asked, as she moved around slowly to face the pretty model, all the while keeping her finger inside the wet box."Badly," Camelia answered the question, as the finger went deeper inside her, creating new pleasure.Portia leaned in and kissed the dazed and horny young woman. Portia knew some of her friends tended to be very aggressive in their seductions and Portia could be too, but while her friends were also dominant in their seductions and relationships with their submissive lovers, Portia liked to give and receive, to enjoy the intimacy that only two women could give each other. Sure she had been with men, lots and lots of men, although more times than not a blow job or a tit job got the job done (although she was willing to give up her pussy or ass when need be as she climbed the ladder to the position she was currently in), but she preferred women."And are you willing to do whatever it takes to get the part?" Portia asked, as she explored inside Camelia's pussy searching for the g-spot."Yes," Camelia moaned loudly, as a sudden wave of pleasure hit her when the older woman found her elusive, never before reached, g-spot.Portia tapped on the g-spot, knowing that almost no man and even very few women could find the g-spot. Because of her gift for finding it, many women came back for more and thus Portia was never short of eager women to please her. That said, she loved adding new women to her list, the thrill of the chase its own erotic reward."Have you ever eaten pussy?" Portia asked, as she continued to tease the young woman, but refused to allow her to explode... she long ago knew driving a woman to the point of euphoria would have them doing things they never imagined doing."Nooooo," Camelia answered, as her body completely gave into the pleasure."But you're going to eat mine, aren't you?" Portia asked, as she suddenly stopped tapping the g-spot of the moaning prey.Camelia's orgasm was about to erupt and the sudden ceasing of her g-spot being tapped had her desperate. She answered before she even had time to process her words. "Yes."Portia pulled her finger out of the horny young girl, moved to her desk, hopped onto it, spread her legs wide and ordered, "Come and earn the part, Camelia."Camelia's eyes went big, even as frustration coursed through her. She was seconds away from coming and now she seemed held in this state of almost there. And as she looked at the older woman, legs spread, she knew this was the moment. Do as she was told and she would likely get a role in the new Matt Damon movie. Refuse and her acting career may be over before it started.Portia purred, as she parted her pussy lips, "I promise Camelia, once you get me off, I will finish what I started."Her pussy on fire, these were the words she needed to hear. A promise to have the orgasm that was bubbling just below the surface finally erupt. As she walked the few feet to the older woman, she was doing this no longer to get a part (although that was hopefully a fringe benefit of her first pussy eating experience), but to feel more of the pleasure the older woman gave her... pleasure she had never experienced before. Never in her life had she wanted to come more than she did now.Reaching her, Camelia paused, 'this is it', she thought to herself... 'the point of no return'. She knew that if she dropped to her knees and buried her face in the pussy in front of her, she was no better than the models she had resented who sucked cock or allowed themselves to be fucked to get gigs. She had always refused breaking her morals for a job... yet again... her body protested: this was about finally reaching the pleasure Portia had begun earlier, not about some job.Portia waited patiently. She loved watching the internal struggle live... a struggle that almost always ended with the prey between her legs. And she had learned that, almost without fail, once a woman tastes that first pussy, especially hers, there was no going back. A new door had been opened and there was no way she was going to close it.Camelia looked up into the smiling older woman's eyes and saw her give a slight nod and heard the whisper, "Go ahead, Camelia, you get me off and I will get you off." That seemed to be the last push she needed as Camelia lowered herself onto her knees, and slowly, tentatively, moved her face to the hairy pussy.As Camelia's face reached the pussy, she was shocked at how strong the scent was. It was indescribable... exotic... slightly fishy... sweet. A paradox of scents and yet that was the only way she could describe it. She then leaned forward and began licking. The hair was abundant and yet she found a path to the wetness and licked.Camelia's pussy leaked into her panties as she tasted her first pussy. She had no idea what one would taste like, but had assumed it would be real fishy as that was how her last boyfriend described it... yet that wasn't the taste at all. It was tangy and with the slightest scent of strawberries.Portia watched as the young girl's eyes got big as she began licking... the look of surprise and addiction mixed as one. She knew then that she had a new submissive if she needed one.Camelia lapped slowly, exploring the pussy with the eagerness and attentiveness of an explorer on an archelogy dig. She was completely captivated by the smell, the taste and just the act of pleasing. She licked every inch of the pussy; she flicked the swollen clit, which made the older woman moan loudly and she buried her nose in the pubic hairs that seemed to capture the full bouquet of the exotic, unique scent.Portia was impressed with the eagerness and thoroughness of the virgin pussy pleaser. She moaned, "You're a natural, Camelia."Camelia looked up and asked, keeping her face buried in heaven, "A natural what?""Pussy pleaser," Portia answered, looking down at her. "I can't believe you have never munched on a cunt before."The words were ludicrous and nasty, yet they only seemed to enhance the wetness down below for the young first time pussy pleaser. Instead of being insulted or mortified, she was proud that she was getting a compliment. She began licking faster and with more aggression, now wanting to taste the full flood of the older woman's pussy juice... she wanted to make her come."Oh yes, Camelia," Portia moaned. "You look so hot between my legs licking my cunt."Again, the words would have been ludicrous just a few minutes ago, yet at the moment it only made Camelia more eager. She moved to the woman's swollen clit and sucked it into her mouth.Portia moaned, grabbing the brunette's hair and pulling her slightly deeper into her own wetness, "Yes, my sweet pussy pleaser. Suck on my clit."Camelia knew she was getting close to getting her off and slid two fingers inside the older woman, as she explored the insides of a woman for the first time, in hopes of finding the g-spot of the older woman.Portia, close now, demanded, "Yes, just finger fuck me while you suck on my clit."Camelia obeyed, pumping her fingers furiously in the older woman while sucking on the big swollen clit."Yes, yes, yes," Portia moaned, as her orgasm suddenly built at a fiery pace.Camelia wanted to get the older woman off desperately and slid a third finger inside the moaning woman."Your fist, shove your entire fist in me," Portia ordered, wanting to come hard and knowing from past experience her most intense orgasms occurred through rough fist fuckings.Camelia was surprised, and not sure her entire fist could fit inside the older woman's pussy, but she again obeyed and then watched in awe as her entire fist disappeared inside the woman's magical cunt."Now pound me with that fist" Portia demanded, suddenly feeling completely full and wanting to be roughly fist fucked by this sweet girl.Camelia felt a sudden rush and she began fucking the older woman's cunt with her fist. She purred, "You like getting fisted, don't you slut?"Portia was surprised by the name calling from the sweet model but moaned, "Yes, fist fuck me.""Beg, bitch," Camelia demanded, as her entire hand and wrist were deep inside the woman."Oh God, yes, please fist fuck the shit out of me," Portia moaned, surprised she was turned on by the sudden role reversal."And I have the role?" Camelia questioned, as she wiggled her fingers inside the horny older woman."Yes, yes, dammit," Portia answered, which was the truth since she had already decided to recommend her."You better fucking keep your word," Camelia demanded, as she resumed fist fucking the woman and feeling a strange euphoria at being the one in charge."I promise," Portia moaned loudly, the rough fist fucking driving her wild."Come slut," Camelia ordered, as she kept fisting the woman and resumed flicking the clit with her tongue."Yesssssss," Portia screamed seconds later, as her orgasm erupted through her and she collapsed back on her desk.Camelia pulled her fist out and buried her face in the leaking pussy, wanting to taste the full nectar of the female cum. She wasn't a fan of male cum, although it wasn't unbearable, but the taste of female cum was something she could have again and again. She licked and licked as the cum seemed to flow constantly.Portia just lay there enjoying the aftermath of a great orgasm, her head spinning with how intense it was and how shocking it was to see the shy starlet suddenly turn dominant.Camelia lapped up every drop of cum until Portia slowly sat back up and said, "That was quite the performance.""I aim to please," Camelia smiled, feeling her face glistening with cum."As do I," Portia smiled back, as she got off the desk and went around to grab her strap-on in her desk. Taking control back, she ordered, "Stand up and bend over the desk. It's time to return the favour."Camelia got off her knees and got in the position she was instructed, excited to have the orgasm she was earlier rejected."Good girl," Portia smiled, as she pulled the strap-on out of her desk and put it on her hips.Camelia watched in surprise that the older woman had a strap-on in her desk and was about to use it on her. Yet, she was so horny that she wasn't going to protest. She had resisted many lesbian encounters in the past, but now that she had sampled one, and was on a natural high from a woman's touch and a woman's taste, she was willing to explore this side of her sexuality.Once the strap-on was on, Portia moved back around the desk, moved behind the bent over and willing sexy girl and in one firm rip she tore the pantyhose apart. Portia whispered, "Now you can see why I wear a garter-belt and stockings.""Cheaper in the long run," Camelia joked."And sexier," Portia added, surprised such a pretty young girl had such ugly panties. "We also need to have a chat about your panty choice.""I tried going commando once, but it drove me nuts," Camelia explained, before adding, "and not in a good way,"Portia went back to her desk and grabbed scissors. "Thongs or sexy underwear are a good choice too."Camelia wasn't sure why Portia was grabbing scissors until Portia returned behind her and cut her panties.Portia whispered, "I want complete access to this sweet pussy of yours.""Yes, ma'am," Camelia replied, excited and nervous.Portia noticed the complete shift from the young girl's brief dominant time to her much more natural submissive persona. Portia asked, as she pulled the cut panties out from the pantyhose, "If I'm ma'am, what are you?""Whatever you want me to be," Camelia answered, completely at the whim of this beautiful older woman with the large tits, sweet hairy pussy and controlling persona."I like that," Portia purred, as she lowered herself to her knees and buried her face in the young girl's pussy from behind... a position she loved. Portia had a signature double orgasm mode:-First, get the girl revved up with the g-spot drumming, but no coming. -Second, have the prey so desperate to come they will do whatever you ask, including going down on you.-Third, after coming, bend her over, eat her pussy and finger her until she comes (hard). -Four, while she is coming from her first orgasm, pound the shit out of her until a second orgasm follows the first ."Oh yes," Camelia moaned, the moment the tongue made contact on her already very wet pussy."You're so wet," Portia purred, as she licked the sweet pussy and slid a finger in as well.Camelia whimpered, as a finger slid easily inside her, "That's all your fault.""I'm flattered," Portia said, as her finger found the young girl's g-spot."Oh fuck," Camelia, who seldom swore, moaned loudly, as her g-spot was again discovered."Come, my sweet pet," Portia ordered, as she relentlessly tapped on the g-spot like it was a drum."Oh God," Camelia moaned, the pleasure so good, so intense, that she knew she wasn't going to last long. Hearing her referred to as 'pet' also turned her on, even though if a guy said that she would kick him in the balls."Now, my pet, I want that cum flooding out of that sweet cunt of yours," Portia continued."Oh yes, shit, fuck, yes, yes, fuck," Camelia babbled, her head going light as her orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks in a Looney Tunes cartoon.As soon as the cum started flooding, Portia pulled her finger out, sucked the cum off it and purred, "Sweet as wine.""Oooooh," was all the young model could say as her most intense orgasm ever, likely the first real orgasm at the hands of another person, cascaded through her. Her eyes were closed and her body was on fire when she felt her cunt suddenly filled by cock. "Oooooooh, God," she gasped, as the older woman began fucking her hard, her body slamming into her with each deep thrust."I believe in multiple orgasms," Portia explained, as she pounded the hot model."I can't have those," Camelia whimpered, the intensity of the orgasm and the sudden fucking making the pleasure even more intense."I doubt you'll be saying that in a few minutes," Portia promised, having heard that before and always able to prove those words wrong... which, of course, was another reason that many woman came back to see Portia again and again."I've tried many times," Camelia struggled to say, as the orgasm refused to leave, apparently staying way longer than usual because of the hard-core fucking.Portia continued fucking the model hard and deep, knowing from experience once the g-spot orgasm was triggered, that multiple orgasms were relatively easy to achieve... sometimes half a dozen.Camelia just grabbed the edge of the desk for support and enjoyed the intense pleasure of the most surreal and intense fucking of her life. Men had fucked her this hard, but never had she felt this pleasure. And even though she couldn't believe it, she could feel a second orgasm building even as the first one hadn't completely dissipated.Portia listened to the moans and increased stunted breathing. She loved watching the woman she was fucking, loved listening to the woman she was fucking. As mentioned before, she loved to receive and give.Camelia couldn't believe the pleasure she was feeling, her entire body feeling like it was on heavenly fire.For a few minutes there was just fucking. Just the sounds of two bodies colliding. Just the sounds of the model and her moans, which were getting louder and louder.Then it happened. Camelia, stunned to her very core, screamed as the impossible became possible and she had multiple orgasms for the first time ever, "Holy fuck!"Portia smiled as she again made another woman reach heavenly bliss more than once. She kept fucking the model thinking maybe she would give her a third orgasm too.For Camelia the pleasure was intense as her second orgasm made her entire body mush.After another minute of fucking and coming, Camelia begged, suddenly feeling like she was going to pee, "Please stop."Portia had seen this before, the intensity of the orgasms so extreme the dehydrated coming woman would need to pee.Portia pulled out and Camelia weakly said, "I have to pee."Portia smiled, "I have my own washroom right back there.""Thank God," Camelia said, scurrying to the washroom.Portia smiled as she went to her phone, still wearing the strap-on, and sent in her first point.Scorecard:Carol: 1Portia: 1Veronica: 1Crystal: 0Jasmine: 0
04-07-2021, at 11:04 AM

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