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Me And My Friends With My Little Brother

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Me And My Friends With My Little BrothergelöschtgelöschtgelöschtThis is a story about how I and my friends enjoyed sex with my brother. After completing our college we all three that?s my friends (Jyothi and Sharanya) were looking for a job. We got too frustrated and started being at home and enjoying more. Both of my friends come to my home early morning and leave by night sometimes they stay as their homes are nearby. We were watching movies and discussions and started about sex. During college days we use to talk a lot about sex and draw pictures and make fun. Jyothi suggested that we should try to get someone to have sex to which I and Sharanya were shocked. She suggested at least we should see a real penis and feel it. So we started to make plans, browsing online. But all options were risky and we were very much afraid to try something stupid and get caught. Sharanya said why we can?t try with my brother. I was shocked to hear it.My brother is a handsome boy and I have seen girls always like his company. After a long discussion we settled to try it out with my brother. I am dark and my sizes are 34-32-34. On the other hand Sharanya and Jyothi are fair and they measure 36-34-36. They look matured and sexy than me. Plan was they will seduce my brother and trap in and I can join them later. My brother was first year in college and he is a bookworm. My friends invited him to help him in his studies in our room. He is a very obedient brother and does anything for me and lovable too. They both sat right n left side of him and started making fun. They were brushing their boobs on him and he looked quite confused and ran out of the room. I said it was too harsh.Next day Sharanya wore a white shirt and leggings and Jyothi and I wore a transparent nighty. Sharanya removed her top 2 buttons to expose her ample cleavage. I called my brother and said that my system is not working and to check it. He was checking the system and my friends were moving around there table on helping him and showing their assets. We could see tension on my brother?s face. They said me to go out of the room and watch. Jyothi was resting her boobs on his shoulder and was talking to him. Sharanya was standing on other side of table and bent enough to show her boobs. My naughty brother was catching a glimpse of Sharanya cleavage. She was pushing her boobs out more and more till her start of nipples was visible. Jyothi was massaging him on her shoulders and neck. Sharanya questioned do you have a girl friend. He said no. Then why girls are always around you. He said I don?t know.Jyothi was blowing air onto his ears. My bro stood up. They caught him and pushed him on bed. She asked do u love anyone. He said no. Sharanya sat on him locking his legs and Jyothi locked his hands. Sharanya started moving to and fro on his body. His penis was building up. Sharanya removed his shorts and underwear in one go and Jyothi kept her lips near his lips and said love us. Her hands around his penis and balls slowly playing with it. She started moving Sharanya started playing with his penis and it was growing in size. She took her nose near to his penis and smelled it with a deep long breath and kissed it. She moved her tongue out and tickled his penis to which his body jerked. She started licking her penis and stroking it. Jyothi eyes were glued to his penis and I was running out of control.I went inside and asked them what?s going on here and shouted my brother what are you doing with my friends. My friends replied that he is in love with them and they showed his penis and said see how hard he is. I couldn?t control and went near my brother penis and was shocked to see his size. It must be around 6.5 or so and too thick. To imagine my little brother had a big one and started to suck it. Sharanya removed her shirt and kept her boobs on his mouth and he started sucking it. Jyothi quickly removed her whole dress and became naked. She pushed me and started sucking his penis like a wild cat. Sharanya quickly removed her leggings and removed my brother?s shirt and sat with her pussy on his mouth. I went and sat on my brother?s chest lip locking with Sharanya and pressing her boobs. After sometime she moved and left my little brothers mouth for my pussy to be licked. Oh what a feeling. My brother?s tongue was playing on my pussy lips. Meanwhile Jyothi started rubbing her pussy on his penis. I tasted Sharanya lips too.After cumming in my brother?s mouth I went on to taste his lips. Jyothi pushed us and made to 69 position sucking his penis and my brother licking her pussy. Sharanya is the hottest of all 3 of us she wanted to insert his penis inside her pussy and we managed to stop her. Then she kept his penis between her boobs and started stroking again. She lied and made my brother come on top of her and massaged his penis between her boobs licking at the same time. Jyothi pulled him and took his hands kept on her boobs. He started pressing hardly and she was moaning. She was also stroking him. To be honest I wanted it inside me. But I know every night is going to be fun so I can have a relaxed session with my sweet little brother All three of us made him taste our pussies and boobs and we all three tasted his penis and drenched in cum.
04-07-2021, at 11:04 AM

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