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Hard Bodies Gym

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Hard Bodies GymThe wife and I(Jane and John) recently moved to a new neighborhood, and amongst other things we had to find a new gym to workout at. I really loved my old spot, it was my home away from home, and i never thought I would be able to find a better facility. My doubt was quickly supplanted by a surprisingly welcome and new gym experience. We entered the gym and was approached by the owner, Rob, a large muscular built man, with a great looking face. He was bulging all over and my wife couldnt take her eyes off him, I even caught her staring at a bulge below his waist, to her defense he was wearing skintight shorts. It was not until I gave her a little nudge that she snapped out of her awe inspireing gaze. She looked at me and smiled. I could only imagine what she was thinking."OMG this man is such a hunk, and he looks well endowed too. MMM just the sight is making my pussy wet." Jane thought to herself.THat is when a woman came out of an adjacent room. "Wow I thought. She is Fucking Hot." Her body was amazing, she was standing in front of me wearing a red tank top with tight black spandex leggings. I couldn't help but notice how tight they were pulled in the crotch. I hated the term cameltoe, but her pussy had engulfed her tight pants. My mouth was watering and more important, and embarrassing, is that my cock was swelling to tremendous proportions. I had the same gaze my wife did just moments earlier. As the female approached she shook our hands and Stated, "I am Darlene the manager, and this is Rob, the owner of Hard Bodies Gym." Once again Jane couldnt help but think to herself, " Wow what a sexy momma. Sexy blue eyes and a tight little butt. I would love to wrap my legs around her while her face is buried in my pussy." Darlene stated, "What can we do for you two this morning?" I responded. "We are looking to join up for a one month trial period, and if we like the place we will stay for the year."Darlene stared at Rob, who shook his head. Darlene stated, "It goes against our policy but I think we can do that for u two, and trust me you are going to love it here." So we settled the bill and Rob informed us that we were entitled to several free training sessions. He stated, "Since u two seem like nice folks and are new to the area, My wife Darlene and I will train you personally." He took my wifes hand and walked her to the main floor. Darlene looked at me and stated, "Follow me John." I couldn't help but watch her ass walk in front of me, as I adjusted my gym shorts hoping my bulge was not noticeable. Rob started by showing Jane some variation of concentration curls with light weight. I could see my wife was getting right into it as she was felling Robs massive arm as he worked the weight up and down. I watched as he stood behind Jane with his bulge buried into her ass, guiding her elbow as she lifted the weight. My wife was enjoying herself and i must say it looked pretty hot. Jane stated to Rob, "How am I doing?" But all she could think about was his stiffening cock planted between her asscheeks. She nuzzled her ass harder into his cock causing Rob to fight a full blown hardon.Darlene walked me over to the squat rack where she put two twenty five pound plates on a straight bar and stated, " Lets just get the form down." Now I had been working out since I was 16 and had a good feel about my technique, but I was not going to let this opportunity to see an extremely sexy trainer perform a few demos with me standing several feet from her tight body. So Darlene performed a couple and as she did I watched on as her ass got inches from the floor and then exploded upwards. As she repeated the motion I noticed her pants stretched so thin I could see she had no underwear under the stretch material. Again I adjusted my shorts to conceal my throbbing cock. Darlene turned and stated, "NOw you give it a try," I placed the bar on my neck and lowered it in quite a shaky manor. Darlene quickly stepped behind me and guided me up. Her body was resting against mine and she was breathing on my neck as she stated, "Ok lets try it again slowly." She lowered her body down in unison with mine her large breast pushed against my back with her hands on my torso guiding my action. She let out a light moan in my ear as we did a few more up and down. As she stayed with me on each rep. her hands fell to my thighs as she stated, "Are you starting to feel the burn?" Before I could respond her hands moved up to my ass. This exercise works your thighs and gluts. I was at a lose for words but thought this was the best trainer in the world. By now Rob and my wife had moved to a weight bench. Rob instructed Jane to lie down. As he did he walked around behind the bench and instructed Jane to grab the 45 lbs bar with a grip shoulder length apart. She layed back and did as she was told. As she did Rob couldnt help but notice a dark spot in the crotch of her gray stretch pants. Jane couldnt help but notice Robs eyes were focused on her pussy. THat is when she thought to herself, "Fuck I knew I should have worn some underwear today." Jane muscled the bar off the bench and edge it foward, as she did Rob moved forward with his massive bulge directly over her face, it was actually just inches away as she began to lower the bar to her chest. Jane then stated, "you must drink your milk," as she licked her lips. If Rob was trying to drive her crazy he had accomplished his goal. Based on his view, her pussy stood little chance to staying dry. It was now dripping wet, and saturating her leggings. Finally Janes chest muscles gave way and the bar came crashing to her large breast. Rob frantically grabbed the bar but as he, he couldnt help but squat down to grab the bar as he did his balls landed right on Janes eager mouth. He pulled the bar up as he did along went his package much to Jane's chagrin.Back to Darlene and John, they had finished their squats and moved to a leg curl machine. Darlene looked at John, "Have you ever done these before?" I shook my head and insisted I needed to see a demonstration. She layed down face first on the machine and then executed the exercise. Pulling the weight resistance with her legs, as she layed there I just staired at her wonderful ass and thighs as she grunted out a few light moans. She stopped as I stood besides the machine. Darlene stated, "These too work your gluts, here feel." She grabbed my hand and placed it on her ass. She then did a few more, curling the weight with her legs. Her butt was so firm, and fuck so was my cock as I looked down to see my erection protruding from my waste line. With my free hand I adjusted myself for a third time. Darlene looked at me and stated, "Everything alright?" I replied, "O yes could not be bigger, I mean better," Fuck a slip of the tongue. She just smiled as my cock looked like the Alaskan pipeline running through my shorts. I figured there was nothing i could do now, so i just rolled with it. With my hand still grasping Darlenes wonderful ass, I asked if this exercise worked the inner thighs too, as I did I moved my hand in between her thighs as she did a few more. She looked back at me and stated, "Yes it works in there too. Dont u see how warm its getting." My hand rubbed against her pussy lightly every time she completed a rep. She moaned and stated, "As good as that machine felt we must move on to the next." Darlene then sat me down in a leg extension machine. She put some moderate weight on and had me do a couple. Then she insisted, "Do you fell the Swell?" I replied, "I definitely have a good swell going." She then placed her hand on my upper thigh, as her left hand landed right on my massive hardon. She giggled as she stated, "Wow that is a very nice Swell." She didnt move her hands until i finished the exercise. Before she removed her hand I asked, "Are there any exercises we can do to work that muscle." She replied, "Hmm that one i will have to think abut." As she released me she licked her lips. Rob and my wife continued their assault on her chest. They walked over to a sit down fly machine. Rob sat down and adjusted the height for her. He then insisted on showing her the motion involved. He squeezed the butterfly press machine as he did his large muscles contracted, creating what looked like the Grand Canyon between his pecks. He held the flexed position and stated to Jane, "Feel my chest so you have an idea of what the swell should feel like." Jane could hardly wait as she massaged his large chest muscles. This went on for sometime as she couldnt get enough. Rob couldnt hide it any longer, Janes sensual touch had his cock throbbing in his shorts. He then insisted that she try it before he exploded in his pants. Jane sat down, and picked up the exercise very quickly. Her large breast compressed together every time she completed the exercise. On her last rep. she held the weight and asked Rob to feel just to make sure she was doing it right. Rob didnt hesitate as he raised his hand a caressed her voluptuous breast. He moved in closer and really gave them a thorough rub down. His touch caused her nipples to perk to life. Raising through her shirt like as if the temperature in the gym just dropped 50 degrees. Rob couldnt help but give them a feel, as they did he realized her nipples were as hard as his cock right now. Jane staring down at his thick pants python realized it as well. Jane know exactly what she was doing and love every minute of it. Robs cock was now aching.John then asked Darlene if they could hit some abs. Darlene ushered him over to a secondary room which was empty from other patrons. The lights were dimmed and there were mats covering the floor. Darlene stated, "Lay down and extend your legs we are going to do some leg raises." So I did what I was told and Darlene got on her knees behind my head and told me she was going to create some downward resistanse. Darlene stated, "I am going to give you legs a slight push as you lower them I want you to fight the resistance and slowly lower you legs to the ground." I responded, "No Problem." When I next looked up Darlene's was on her knees with my head between them strattling over me, with her pussy lips only inches from my face, they were even more definded through her pants then when we first walked in. Not to mention the fact that I had a birdseye view. While i was basically drewling on myself, Darlene exclaimed, "What are we waiting for, lets get those legs up and moving." On que I extended my legs skyward from a parallel to perpendicular angle to the floor, as they reached the apex she shoved them down. I was preforming the exercise but my mind could not focus with her spandex clad pussy lips so close to my face. I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy. I placed my hands on her hips for added support as i did her knees spread a little further and her pussy lips got even closer. I could smell her wonderful sex ferimones wafthing through her pants. I looked towards my cock to see a huge tent poking in the front of my short pants. To attemtp to hide my swollen dilemma, I began another set. THe exercise helped my erection reside, but it was short lived. Darlene then slid down a little more as her lips grazed my lips. I could tell by that sliightest graze that her stretch pants were soaked where they covered her pussylips. I couldnt stand it anymore whether she liked it or not i had to make a move. With the room empty and dark, I pulled down on Darlenes hips forcing her to sit on my face. The outline of her pussylips filled my mouth. She resisted at first and tried to push off but my tongue was no match, as it gravitated to her clit and began to massage her, she gave in. Her moans and the relaxing of her leg muscles told it all, she was enjoying every second of it. Her pants were now saturated with with her pussy juice and my saliva. I pushed my tongue hard against her pants forcing it into her pussy. Her moans got loader as i fucked her with my tongue through her pants. That is when we were interupted by an older gentleman who entered the room. If her sitting on my face didnt raise suspicion, I am sure my cock tent did that as it appeared to be a foot tall in my shorts. Darlene jumped off and, stated, "I think we are just about out of time. Lets go find Rob and your wife." I replied, "Thats probably a good idea." Rob and Jane were walking to us as we exited the areobics room. Rob then suggested that we take a quick shower and enjoy our state of the art steam room. We both thought that was a great idea. Darlene handed us a few towels and we went off to seperate lockerrooms. I walked into the steam room to find it empty, several moments later my wife walked in. She sat on the bench next to me and asked what did I think. I stated, "I love this place, but we should still check out the others in the area." That is when Rob and Darlene walked in naked. My wife and I stared at each other in amazement. WHen Rob asked, "Well, did you want to stay for the year or what?" I replied, " I must be honest this is probably the best workout I ever had, but we still think we should check out the other gyms just to see what they are all about." Rob glanced and Darlene as he pulled Janes towel open and knelt down in between her legs, as I looked up Darlene slid her head under my towel. I looked on as Rob teased my wifes inner thigh with his tongue. She slid back as she couldnt help thrusting her hips up. He then kissed her pussy lightly before he started to devour her clit. Sucking it into his mouth , just before parting her lips with his tongue. Rob massaged the inside of her pussy with his tongue as she moan in ecstasy. My attention now fell on Darlene who was giving the tip of my dick a little lick. I nearly fainted as all the blood in my body filled my cock at once. Darlene admired my massive erection, teasing it as she gave it a few pecks before she licked my tip again like a lollypop. She then gazed into my eyes just prior to shoving my shaft as deep as she could in her mouth, amazingly she took all 8 inches as she nearly choked. Wrapping two hands around it she squized it so tight flexing her bicepts taught as she did. Holding it so tight she excentuated every vein, the head seam to balloon as she gripped even tighter. She then swallowed it again tugged on my tight balls, in anticipation of a warm load. The Steam room was now filled with moans of passion as my wife and I were experiencing some of the greated oral sex we ever had. I watched on as Robs massive right arm thrusted back and forth finger fucking her as he teased her clit with his tongue. My wife yelled Rob, " I want to cum so bad. Dont stop." I watched on as my wife grabbed Robs head from behind and slapped it against her pussy as he placed his free hand around her throat. Her body convolsed as she erupted into a massive climax. Darlenes rythem grew faster as she could sense i was getting close. Before I shot my massive load I yelled, "Fuck I am gonna cum." I looked over as my wife and Rob just watched on. My body shook but Darlene didnt hesitate or brake stride as I shot a massive load down her throat, stream after stream she took it all. After she sucked every drop out she came up and gave me a kiss just to show she swallowed it all. Rob interjected,"Now what about that year membership." Without consulting with anyone I stated, "Where do we sign." Rob replied, "Fantastic. Thursday same time session two." To be continued....
04-15-2021, at 09:52 AM

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