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Our Latex Sex

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Our Latex SexDina finished zipping up her tight black latex dress, as she looked over to Rob. As he had promised, he was dressed in just his tight fitting rubber bicycling shorts. They had a zipper running from the front, around his crotch, and up the back. He was tall with an athletic body. She thought he looked pretty hot in them, and couldn't wait to play with his body.She had just brought Rob back from hotel bar to her room; she was feeling especially horny, and was intrigued when Rob has mentioned to her that he too had a rubber fetish, and actually had his rubber shorts with him. Dina loved everything about rubber, and had fantasied all day about fucking a stranger, and now it looked like that fantasy would come true. She admired his cute rubber covered ass in the mirror.She called him over, as she needed help shining up her dress. He applied a bit of the shiner on his hands, and rubbed them on her dress. He worked his way from top to bottom, taking a little extra time on her rubber covered breasts and ass. Once he was satisfied with the job, he smacked her on the backside and grinned; "Now you're ready to be properly fucked!".She turned around and admired herself in the mirror; black latex dress hugging her body, her black hair falling below the tall collar, her tall boots giving her the extra height she need to get close to him. He stood behind her, holding her lightly, smiling. She knew this was really turning him on, and couldn't wait to get him off. She could almost sense his erection growing.Rob loved the way Dina looked in that dress; pulled tight against her, showing off her amazing little body and that perfect ass of hers. He just wanted to sit back and admire her. She stepped back from him; he asked her to do a sexy dance for him.So, she did. Moving her hips back and forth, her hands moved down her sides, and then back up, into her hair, and over her head. She turned her back to him, and wiggled her ass, and bent over, stretching the rubber over her body, and revealing her shaved pussy. She got on the bed, doggy style, and looked back at him, pushing her ass in the air, and her tits into the bed. She turned on to her back, smoothed out her dress, and watched him smile. He was drinking it all in."Ok, you sexy thing, get over here, and let's check you out...", he ordered, with a wicked smile on his face.She got off the bed and walked over to him. She was able to almost look him face to face, as her heels gave her extra height. She slowly walked around him admiring his body. She ran her hands over his chest, shoulders and back. Rob let out a small murmur of pleasure as her hands made her away around his upper body. He absolutely loved the way her hands felt on his body, and he was aching to feel her hands over all over him. He was fully erect now.She moved close behind him, and pulled his back towards her breasts; her hands moved along his chest, stomach, and groin. She played with his nipples, rolling them in her hands, as she wispered in his ear; "I'm going to make you come so hard....". She moved around to face him, and let him admire her, close up, in her rubber outfit. "You look fucking gorgeous", was all he could say. He pulled her close and kissed her. Their tongues found each other and encicrled, exploring the wetness. Both of them were now feeling the increased sexual pressure between them. She moved her hands on to his midsection and started to caress his lower body. He grabbed her hands and pulled them away. "Not yet" he whispered. "I want to see your beautiful pussy; why not jump on the bed and show me how you pleasure yourself". She was more than happy to comply, as her pussy was craving her stroking fingers. She rolled up her rubber dress a bit, laid on her back and spread her legs. She lightly touched herself, running her fingers up and down her clit and pussy. Very lightly and gently at first, but gathering intensity as she gained comfort. Although she was already quite wet, she reached for the lube, and placed some on her fingers and palms. She was now able to stroke herself more firmly, the lube helping her finger into her pussy as her palm rubbed her clit. She reached her other hand down, and slipped a finger deep inside, moaning with the growing warm feeling.Rob could stand watching no longer; he had to feel her silken pussy. He climbed on to the bed so that he could kiss and lick her inner thighs. His hand joined hers in teasing her clit and pussy folds. He moved his head closer to her, and soon was licking and nibbling her pussy, and she ran her fingers through his hair and pulled his head in closer to her. His hands reached up and fondled her tits though her rubber dress. His tongue flicked up to push on her clit, and then slid down towards her pussy, slipping in and out of her several times, before making the return to to her pleasure button. He repeated this several times, as Dina ground herself harder into his face.While sucking on her clit, he slipped two fingers into her tight pussy, and slowly rotated them. This brought a moan of pleasure from her. He lubed up his index finger and returned to teasing her pussy. He slowly inched his finger down towards her asshole, and made slow lingering circles around it. As he maintained pressure on her clit with his tounge, his finger lightly pushed against her asshole. She responded by slightly moving her hips so that his finger pressed slightly inside of her. At the same time, he moved his other hand, so that his other index finger was moving inside her pussy. As she thrust her hips back and forth, both fingers worked their way inside. He was now pumping with both fingers, all the time furiously sucking on her clit.She could hold on no longer, and rode the crest of a huge orgasm, screaming "oh fuck" between heavy breaths, and pushing her hips into the air. Her release seemd to last forever.When she finally came back to earth, she looked at Rob, winked, and said "Now, let's see that big cock of yours....".As Dina lay on her back, Rob straddled over her and hovered above her face. She loved the smell of rubber and sex - his hard cock was outlined in the fitted bicycle shorts that he wore. "Let me feel that dick on my lips", she begged. Rob obliged and started to grind his rubber clad hard-on against Dina's wet mouth. She lapped away at it, hungry to taste the pre-cum that was surely oozing out beneath the latex layer.Losing patience, Dina grabbed at Rob's tight ass, struggling to pull his second skin shorts down around his thighs. Rob took delight in the hunger Dina had - she ached to have her little mouth fucked and filled with cock. Rob assisted and pulled his shorts down to reveal a rock hard dick, glistening with jizz. Dina quickly stuck her tongue out to catch the drips of cum, and moaned with satisfaction. Rob reached around to tease Dina's pussy hole - it was slippery, hot, and throbbing. "Feed me your cock, baby", Dina begged for it. Just as soon as the words escaped her mouth, Rob's hard-on was deep inside her mouth, thrusting back and forth. Dina wrapped her lips around his dick and sucked, swirling her tongue around the head, moaning each time he plunged deeper. Dina looked up at Rob as he kneeled over her, fucking her mouth. He thought to himself, "she looks adorable choking on my cock" - with this thought his hard on swelled. He grabbed at her tits and loved the feeling of her little breasts and big swollen nipples poking through the black rubber dress.He didn't want to explode yet - the two were just getting warmed up. He pulled out and Dina slurped away trying to get more. Rob rubbed some lube on Dina's chest and started to slide his dick up and down her tits, circling the head of his cock around her nipples. "That's my favourite, baby. I love it when you rub my tits like that", Dina moaned and writhed away. It was clear that she couldn't wait any longer and wanted her pussy filled with Rob's cock. She was lightly darting her index finger in and out of her pussy. Her legs were propped wide open upon the heels of her 6" high leather fuck-me boots. "Are you ready to get fucked, Dina?", Rob inquired. "Please", she replied. "Please, I need to get fucked", she was begging for it now.. her sweet face was twisted with desperation. She whimpered, aching to feel that first deep thrust inside her....Rob was more than happy to fuck her, but he had to ratchet up her desperation some more. He guided his now rock hard cock towards her pussy, and just slightly parted Dina's swollen and wet pussy lips with his purple head. He slid just the head of his cock into her. She was squirming underneath him, trying to push her hips up to take more of him in, but he was lifting up to match her movements. Rob grabbed her hands and held them above her head, pinned to the bed. She had no choice but to accept his teasing small thrusts. He had an evil little smile on his face."Oh Rob, please fuck me harder", she pleaded with him; "Oh fuck, bury your cock into me!".He didn't know how much longer he could continue with the teasing. He was just as desperate as she was to bury his cock to the hilt; to feel her pussy tighten around his whole shaft. After just a few more small thrust, he did as she wanted. He could resist no longer. His cock thrust into her, and she accepted every inch, letting out a moan as his balls slapped into on to her ass. He pulled back, almost all the way out, and then entered her again fully. He did this again and again, releasing her hands from his grip so she could grab his ass, to help pull him into her even further. Their pace was increasing, each letting out a small gasp every time his cock drove into her.They rode these waves of pleasure until they were both soaking wet with sweat. Her rubber dress squeaked each time he thrust. Their nostrils filled with the smells of fucking; rubber mixed with sweat, mixed with his musty smell, mixed with sweet smell of Dina's soaked pussy. By this time, she had her legs in the air, and he was pounding away at her tight, slick pussy. Both wished this feeling could last forever.But, Dina sensed his impending orgasm before he even did. "Oh baby, I'm hungry for your cum; give it to me now!".He got up as she greedily took his cock into her mouth again. Once, twice, three times she got him all the way in before he exploded. His cock pulsed, as he came all over Dina's lips, tounge and chin. Much of it dripped down on to her latex covered tits. He moaned and groaned in pleasure as she continued to stroke and lick his cock, and milk all the cum out of it. She rubbed his cock into the cum-covered latex dress, as his orgasm was subsiding. He loved the way his cum glistened on her dress. He looked down at her smile, and realized that she enjoy it *almost* as much as he did!"So," she said, with his cum dripping off her cheek, "ready for Round 2??!!".
04-15-2021, at 09:52 AM

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