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Girlfriend's aunt....

Post #1

Girlfriend's aunt....I'm awakened by a text from my girlfriend who was already at work saying something about her aunt was going to stop by and pick up a pot thatshe had left after a family cookout a few weekends back. I'm all groggy and half ticked because this is one of the few days off I get and I'm awakened by nonsense pretty much.I respond with an ok, rolled over out of bed making my way to the bathroom with that morning wood bulging of course through my sweats when the door bell rings. I finish my business, shake my cock free of the last drips and head for the door. Wake up says Maxine "Max" as we call her for short as I crack the door open. I chuckled and responded with I'm up thanks to you and your niece. Max is 65 yrs old but you'd never guess it. She keeps active and really keeps her appearance top notch. Short hair style, all grey hair but it's real nice. Slender frame with a nice plump ass. You know the saying "black don't crack," well she definitely fits it.Max steps in and closes the door behind her, I'm headed back for the bedroom and she heads toward the kitchen, small chat the whole time. I plopped back onto the bed and grab my phone. The sound of pots and pans clinging together from the kitchen interrupted our small talk. I'm scrolling my Facebook timeline when I just happened to gaze over my phone to see Max standing in the doorway eyes fixated on the bulge in my sweats. I lay my phone down on my chest and she quickly looks up at me almost surprised like and says I found it, come on and lock the door behind me. Ok i said as I got up and headed towards her. Yet again I noticed she glances down at my bulge before she turns and steps off in front of me. The short while that I've known Max I've always said that I'd definitely fuck the hell out of her but never gave the slightest inclination. A few steps from the door Max stops and I take another step to reach beside her and grab the door handle to open it. She knew what she was doing, so devilishly...As I reach around her my chest makes contact with her shoulder and BAM my dick rubs her ass. Max glances up at me with wanting eyes, the sensation of my cock rubbing her ass through her Spandex pants was quite arousing. Her perfume aroma, brown eyes staring into mine, and the thought of jumping into some new pussy early this morning was more than enough to put me on the sexual edge.The silent moment we are sharing just gazing at each other goes from a tad puzzling, to exhilaration, then to all out sexual rage. I grab her hand, taking the pot and setting it on the floor. I turn and head back towards the bedroom dragging Max with me. No words just complete silence. I stop in front of the bed, aim straight for her neck and began to kiss and suck on both sides. She exhales and grabs my cock through my sweats. Tugging at my dick, stroking it and squeezing. I'm kissing my way down to her small breasts and gripping them. Max pushes back, drops to her knees and with one motion my sweats are around my ankles.I'm looking down at the top of her grey hair as she's focusing straight ahead at my ten inch rod now fully erect. She placed both hands on the back of my thighs, gaped her mouth and engulfed me about half way. She slowly guides her head back with a strong sucking motion, stopping at the head and slowly twirls her tongue over my tip. I throw my head back and moan, nudging my cock forward in encouragement she again takes me into her mouth. This time all the way to the back of her throat. I place my hand on the back of her head and slowly thrust inward and out again, over and over enjoying the warmth and wetness of her now drooling mouth.I stand Max up and tell her to lay down. She does so removing her yoga pants. I'm standing at the foot of the bed watching her undress while stroking my dick. She tossed her pants to the side and slowly spreads her legs exposing her moist grey bush. I couldn't stand it for another second. I stepped out of my sweats, crawled on the bed up to her and centered my cock for insertion. I eased my cock into her slowly, her mouth wide open in pure ecstacy, eyes rolled into the back of her head and nails dug into my ass. I started with slow deep strokes, she was so tight, so warm and so deep.The moment I increased pace I felt her vagina lock and pulsate around my shaft. She must have needed to release badly, I could feel her juices coating my dick and even dripping from my balls. This only encouraged me more. I began to pound her pussy real proper like. I'm met with a yes, fuck yea each time I bottom out in her. Her legs are now propped on my shoulders and I'm fucking her with all I have. The oooh's and aww's coaching me along.I flip her around in front of me on all fours, press down in the upper portion of her back. Face down ass up, with one hand now around the back of her neck, the other gripping the head board I start to fuck Max from behind. Bed creaks along with the slapping noises of her ass as I pound into her is that can be heard. She reaches back between her legs and mine, grabs ahold of my balls and tugs them forward with my inward thrusts. What a freaky old gilf I'm thinking to myself. The pressure begins to build at the base of my cock, I'm going to bust this nut deep in this pussy I thought to myself. I bring Max upwards by both shoulders, thrust in deep with fast strokes and empty every bit of my seed into her. I pumped until my cock softened and every pulsating throb had quit. I slowly withdrew watching the cum drip from her her. Max just laid there gazing off into nowhere with a finger in her mouth. It was so worth it.......
04-15-2021, at 09:52 AM

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