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Alley in Chihuahua

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Alley in Chihuahuathe Alley in Chihuahua In the city of Chihuahua there's an alley way, approx 4 blocks long near Calle Lerdo. In this alleyway, men (read a****ls) will park their cars at night and wait for women to walk down the alleyway. These women range from prostitutes to slaves (like myself) or just common street sluts looking to be used. The catch is..when youre a that the Master will bind your arms down by your side. Always dressed in micro minis, stockings (thigh highs) no panties or bras allowed. Then the top of the dress is pulled down over the shoulders, exposing the b**sts. Then the slave is told to walk from the beginning of the alley to the end...about 4 blocks away. The slave HAS to enter, but not necessarily emerge. Since 2006 more than 20 such women have entered the alley and not come out. Often times, they are grabbed, shoved into a car or van, and driven away. Most are sold to service Cartel workers in the mountains in Central Mexico. Disposed of when they are used upIn October 2019 i was taken to Chihuahua by Master Scott and given to 3 men. They dressed me in a blavk mini dress with a sheer bodice which showed my breasts plainly. Off-black stockings and red heels with "street whore" makeup completed the package. I was driven to Calle Lerdo and dragged from the car. My arms bound by my side by a leather strap. The dress was pulled down over my shoulders, my breasts exposed. The man sucked my right breasts as he fingered me in full public view. Thankfully at 9pm it was mostly deserted. Then he led me to the alley..pushed me forward and he got in the car and drove away. He could not enter the alley for me: he had to wait till i walked the entire length. My heart raced as i stumbled forward. Scared to death. Past 1st block..onto the 2nd block..i saw a traffic police car..Transito..officer getting head unfortunate woman. He ignored me. My heart was beating so fast i thought Id die..when i felt hands come out of the darkness and grope my thighs. Then suddenly a hand was in my throat and i was slammed into the building wall."Putita..equivocastes..caminando aqui..asi"( bitch you messed up walking thru here like that)He fingered me and threw me over his shoulder..taking me to a van. I was literally thrown inside as 2 other men unstrapped my arms and ripped the dress tossed my heels as well. As my head was forced down onto a fat smelly cock i heard the van start and felt it move. They drove out of the alley the opposite direction.(.from which i had entered )without any the men who dropped me off wouldnt see.I was fucked. I knew it. I begged and began to cry when he slapped me so hard i passed out. I woke up later strapped down on a sawhorse. Nude. Just nylons and a gag. And cum leaking from my vagina. Over the next 5 or 6 hours, i was fucked repeatedly. Orally as well. My breasts were tortured. I was tazed. Unable to resist. Finally...a man entered..with Master Scott. He looked at me and simply said:"Youre mine now bitch..if i buy you. Should i?He entered me cruelly, r****g me. Violating me. After he came, he inserted a remote control egg and turned it on high. Then they all left.Sometime later i woke up..weak from.exhaustion in a Chihuahua brothel, Master Scott by my bedside.He told me..." im going to continue exposing you until the right one comes along, slut . Get used to it."
04-01-2021, at 09:09 PM

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