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Sitting at the bar...

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Sitting at the bar...About 6 months ago I was crusing CL casuals as I do while sitting in the library/restroom. I saw an ad and photo of a lady about my age and she was certainly worth a second glance. Most of the ads are purposeful robots but there was a number so I went to my secondary number and sent a brief message. A couple hours later I got a response. After a couple of message I decided that I did need that blow job she had offered for just a few roses. After work I stopped at the gym and took a quick shower to clean the tool up, got back in the car and went to her place. She was everything she promised and then some. I was already hard when she dropped to her knees and pulled my pants down. I was looking around the apartment just to make sure no one was there to rob me. After a couple minutes licking and sucking on my cock she asked if I wanted more. Just double the rose count! I had anticipated that anyway so I said sure. She lead me to her bedroom where she stripped. For a middle aged woman her tits were nicely perky still and she had a decent waistline. She pushed me back on the bed and continued sucking my dick commenting on how clean i was.After about 5 minutes of the best blow job ever, she straddled me and sat on my cock, sans condom. I asked if a condom was necessary and she told me that if I took care of my hygine she wasn't worried and that she couldn't get pregnat anyway. She gyrated her hips and smiled at me and called it her screw. She leaned forward and kissed me. That did it. I started pumping myself into her madly and she moaned suddenly. I felt something wet all over my balls and that was it, I cum! She lay on top of me for a minute or so and then sat up and kept moving ever so slightly. I could hear my cum and her juices making those squishy noises. She could too. I wasn't going to get hard again so she slowly pulled off and we watched my cum drain out of her pussy. She asked me to come back next week. I told her that I would but maybe only once a month since she was kinda pricey.A couple weeks later she sent me a text and offered herself at half price while her husband was out of town. I took advantage of it.Today, I see her every other week and all it costs me now is lunch beforehand. She is actually rather classy and lovely.Last night I was at the restaurant my wife and I go to on Friday and Saturday evenings. The bartenders all know us and know what we drink. If we don't sit at the bar we'll usually see them and wave. They'll ask something like "the usual?" and we nod our heads. When the servers come to our table they already have our drinks.Last night my wife and I were at the bar. The bar sits about 30 people and some are regulars like us. While we were sitting there I knew those sitting beside me had gotten up and two others were already waiting to take their seats. About 10 minutes later I recognized the voice. It sounded like the CL honey that had become my friend. I noticed the perfume too. I purposely, accidentally bumped her with my elbow. She turned and I saw that it was her. I apologized and she smiled and told me not to worry.About 20 minutes later my wife got a call from her sister so she excused herself to go to the foyer and talk to her. That same moment my friends husband got up to go to the rest room. I watched my wife disappear beyond the crowd of people waiting for a table. Her husband also disappeared around the corner. As soon as he did, my secret friend turned to me and deep throated me with a tongue kiss that should be in the history books. It lasted about 10 seconds. Then she turned her back to me. The bartender who I have know now for about 5 years and other at the bar just looked bewildered at me and started smiling. After a few seconds of astonishment the bartender raised her hand in a "high five" gesture and said, "I'll take a double if you're offering." Everyone was astonished that an apparent stranger just planted a kiss on me that was so erotic. I went with it and acted like it was from a stranger. Her husband came back and sat down. Nothing. Everyone was watching. My wife came back and everyone was watching. Nothing was said. Eventually everyone started laughing and clapping looking in my direction. My wife asked what was going on. I had just paid so I got off the stool and took my wifes hand and we waved goodbye to the bartender and left.I'm going to get some pussy from my friend on Monday, she's already texted me to let me know that she wants a noon-er.
04-15-2021, at 09:53 AM

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