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I love Being a Slut with Strangers

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I love Being a Slut with Strangers1.) Male Fleshlight versus real pussyI was browsing through the nude dares photos and even as a girl myself, I found them exciting, more for the men looking at them, than myself, although I must admit, I do love looking at girls showing themselves, something I and my friends have done plenty off, through the years, there is just something about revealing yourself like that, as if baring your inner soul and leaving yourself vulnerable to men's intentions, we girls all looked at our brothers nudie magazines and knew why he had them, so we knew what our naked bodies meant and yes, it gave us ideas about sex too.As a girl I did sex, because like most, I wanted to. I was not alone when it came to those times in the month, when our bodies were more needy and brothers were coy enough to tease us for a hand or blow job, we romped around naked with them, all the time learning more about ourselves and what men liked about us.Gisela was friend from school, whose parents emigrated from Germany, and her attitudes to sex and nudity were more functional than moral.She had sent away for a "Fleshlight", for her brother, as he was always jacking off and she had caught him on numerous occasions, although she was convinced he wanted her to catch him, as some siblings do.When she gave it to him there was just the three of us in the house at the time, and of course since we had been drinking we demanded he use it for us to let us see if it worked.Because Gisela had promised to entertain him sometime in the future he agreed and he lay down naked and fucked this toy his sister had bought him.Part way through his masturbatory session, we agreed to assist by both of us girls getting naked for him and doing a lesbian show while he fucked his fleshlight.Then Gisela suggested I let her bother fuck me a bit and see what the comparison was like between a real pussy and the Fleshlight, so we fucked and he cummed quickly. One up for the female genitalia, the real pussy won hands down.We stayed naked and messed around a little more and then I wanted Gisela to let her brother sample her pussy and to my surprise, she was up for it, and I watched as these two went at it like a couple of feral cats, with Gisela cumming on numerous occasions.His birthday verdict, I came second and the fleshlight third.2.) Father in Laws, are a great sex standbyI was seven and half months pregnant, with a huge belly and feeling ugly and lonely, as my husband worked offshore and was a way up to three weeks.Because of my condition I moved into his fathers house as my time was near. I liked his daddy, he was quiet and gentle, unassuming and glad for my company.One night he was drinking as we watched some TV and I dozed off with the heat of the house coupled by the strong winds outside, a small storm was brewing and everything was just cosy.I awoke quietly to the sounds of a porn movie, and the room bathed by the flickering light of the TV only, and his daddy stroking himself, looking at my sleeping body stretched out on the settee, it was only then I realised my pyjama bottoms were down a little, exposing my huge bump and pubic mound, giving him a bit of real woman to look at as well as the porn movie on the TV. I stirred and he switched off the TV, as I pretend woke up and came around to reality. "God I must have dozed off", I said, as I sat upright, then got up unsteadily to my feet, to go to bed.He followed me to the bathroom and saw I was OK, said "Goodnight", and went into his bedroom and closed the door.I went to bed with mixed feelings, I was feeling like a real shit for ruining his wank, and very hormonal and horny, I was on the verge of going into his bedroom and letting him have the relief he so deserved and doing myself a favour to boot.In the end I went to bed and dreamed of having sex with my father in law, awaking to a very wet pussy and huge damp spot in the bed sheet.He knocked on my door later in the morning and came in with a morning cuppa, dressed only in his pyjama bottoms, and I saw his outline that he was still sporting a hard on for me.I got up and went into the kitchen while he was showering, and washed my cup and called out if he would like me to cook some breakfast.To my surprise he opened the bathroom door and stood completely naked, "Yes", he replied, "bacon butties", he continued, as my eyes feasted on his huge sausage sticking out in front of him.He closed the bathroom door and walked back into the kitchen somewhat dazed at what I just witnessed, and I have to admit my heart pounded, he had more than his son had, and in my fragile state, all I could see, was his huge cock.I was busying myself by the draining board when he came into the kitchen, wearing his aftershave that I liked. I never turned as he came right in behind me and pressed his body close to mine, I could feel him and I groaned out loud.We never spoke as I felt my pyjama bottoms fall away and my top pushed up high over my breasts, he entered me and I began to orgasm, the build up and tension from last night were too much and my need for a good fuck was too great to stop him taking me there and then.I let him fuck me until I had to sit down feeling dizzy, after numerous orgasms. Later after breakfast I told him I wanted to sleep in his bed and that way we could just be as a couple until my husband came home.My unsuspecting husband never knew of my infidelity with his father, and I learned, that if a girl is careful, a man could never know that the c***dren their wives bear, might not be theirs, well, until a DNA test shows otherwise.3.) Unfaithful to my husband at the Diner"Honey I need to go into the bank and deposit these bills". I turned to see him pulling on his jacket as he came from the back of the shop. "How long will you be gone", I asked him, if only to say something, as there was only one customer in shop?"An hour, maybe two tops", as he sidled over and gave me a kiss on the cheek and left as I stood watching him drive off into the distance.We had bought into a roadside diner because I was a trained commis chef and we thought we could make it work as a team.Today was very quiet as the sky looked foreboding and apart from truckers, there was not too many cars stopping.My lone customer was such a trucker, and when my husband had left I turned and offered him a refill of his coffee, "Just us alone at last", he said laughing, I had seen him on other occasions as he always stopped by for a sandwich, or so I thought."Where you off to today", I asked him, standing in front of him as I poured his coffee? "Inverness", he replied, "via Aberdeen"."Don't you get lonely just driving around", I queried him, pouring myself a cup and settling down in front of him, looking him in the face as I asked?"Not when I stop here", he teased and I have to admit I smiled at his flattery."Sometimes I wish I could just go outside and jump in there with you and see Scotland". There was a wishful longing in my voice, we had been working this project for eighteen months now, and yes it was paying, but it was fucking boring too."A good looking gal like you would have no problem getting a hitch to anywhere", he teased again. "Really, what would a gal have to do to get that", I retorted, before reigning myself in. "Why did I say that I wondered and felt myself blushing"?We were starting to toy with each other, eight years of marriage had taken me out of the loop of social interaction, and eighteen months of basic chit chat to try and appear interested and friendly only blunted my once crazy outlandish life style through attracted my husband to be to me."Sorry", I said, "forget I said that", and to hide my lack of social skills, I turned away and went straight for the small cabinet that contained the freshly baked cakes, and took one out and shoved it into my mouth before I said something else that might lead to more awkwardness.He was watching me intently, so much so, I began to be aware I was only in my undies under my pink mid thigh length smock, he was staring right at my legs and crotch, as my mouth suddenly chocked up, so much so, I went and grabbed my coffee and gulped a mouthful to wash down the cake."Don't do that", I pleaded quietly, "you're making me feel uncomfortable", but he just smiled warmly. "I think you should know you're a damn fine woman", and felt the heat rise in my face again, and my nipples hardened, "Fuck he was serious and I was falling for it, call it boredom or stale marriage syndrome, either way my head said cool off, and my body was telling me to relax and have some fun.I don't know if it was my manner or he was giving up, but he finished his coffee and started to gather his stuff together, so I said, "You off then", and he looked at me, and sighed, "May as well I having no luck here".I was slightly shocked, he was as blunt as anyone could be, and deep down in myself there was a spark trying to ignite something I knew I should not."Look, I'm sorry, have another coffee, on me and a piece of cake", I was practically begging him to stay a little longer, I was answering my own question, I was physically lonely and this man, this stranger, was offering me some love?He looked straight into my eyes, "Throw in a nice kiss and I stay until before your husband gets back?My heart was pounding, and I felt my knees give way, as I realised a boundary was being crossed, was it the depressing weather, the loneliness and isolation, or the fact he was asking me to let him, or was it I was sending out signals, either way, it could not have been more obvious if I took my panties off in front of him and dropped onto all fours and let him use me.I smiled nervously, my hand, holding the coffee pot, shook, and I felt a rush between my thighs, a warm wetness, my pussy was telling me she wanted cock, I swallowed hard and tried to speak, putting the coffee pot down and walking out from behind the counter, over to the huge plate glass window, his eyes following my every move and gesture, as I looked left and right, and pondered more on the direction my husband would return.I heard his voice say, "We can be finished long before he gets back", then my pink smock being pulled up around my waist to reveal my tiny panties, and my knees just buckled as we both went down to the floor.I gasped out loudly as he pushed inside me and started fucking me, he was a big man, stretching my tiny pussy with his manhood, I could feel the length push hard against my uterus, making me move in the same direction, except my head was being banged against the window table, as his loud grunts filled the empty room, and I remember thinking, "He really is enjoying this", and I let him finish, feeling the warm rush of his semen hitting me with force and filling my inner pussy with seed.I lay on all fours, still panting and feeling his ghost dick still inside me fucking, as I gaped and let his seed flow down my inner thighs.By the time I got up, he was gone, and I watched as his truck hit the highway, without as much as a wave, it sped off Northbound, his cock still wet with my natural lubrication, he had been inside me, felt my womanly responses and no doubt would be back for more.Shortly after that my husband returned, and I suggested we shut shop for an hour or two, I knew to be on the safe side as I was not on the pill, if impregnated by the trucker, my husband could claim it to be his, and only I would know the truth. I loved the diner and the banter, I loved the trust and the fact men were always trying it on with me, just as they do with girls who work in bars, it keeps me on my toes, makes me want to be desired, and allows me to pick my cock.I just hope all these men don't lable me, that's when business picks up for all the wrong reasons, and my husband might find out about my bits on the side.
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